Waist Tattoos For Girls

Waist tattoos for girls have become an ever popular location on the body. One of the many nice aspects to having waist tattoos for girls is that a waist tattoo can be easily covered and does not hinder possible job opportunities. Generally these tattoos are only visible when wearing a bathing suit or stripped down to your underwear. Waist tattoos for girls are generally animals which can curve around the natural curves of the waistline, tribal lines or shapes which are linked together, text written horizontally or vertically, or even symbols which can be tailored for smaller waist tattoos for girls.

Animals such as the dragon offer great creative outlets, with tails and long necks which can wrap around the waist if desired, or be placed just on the side of the waist. These tattoos will vary in price and time required based upon the detail including colours and scales. Other waist tattoos for girls include two sets of animals or symbols which are opposing one another on either side of the waist. Detailed animal tattoos can be seen clawing their way around the waist, up the waist, down the waist, or resting peacefully on the waist.

Tribal waist tattoos for girls feature shapes and lines which are interconnected. The space around the waist can be filled by adding different lines and shapes in a repeat fashion, linking the design together with the body. There are many tribal waist tattoos for girls whose patterns offer a wave-like style or a series of knots.

More popular waist tattoos for girls include tattoos with text. Text is especially significant because of the creativity and limitless possibilities associated with them. These waist tattoos for girls can be tattooed horizontally, vertically, in repetitious patterns on both sides of the waist, diagonally, or wrapped all the way around the waist, depending on the language of the text. Phrases which are meaningful to you, names of important people, places which have meant something to you, are all viable options for waist tattoos for girls. Using a signature phrase, an important nickname, or even a favorite number on the sides of the waist are great tattoos for girls.

Symbols also make for great waist tattoos for girls, especially for simple designs which add personality. Zodiac symbols, for example, are great small waist tattoos for women. Other waist tattoos for girls can be small symbol tattoos placed on the lower waist, only visible with low-ride jeans or swimsuits.



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